spicysaurus (spicysaurus) wrote,


I saw another tampon commercial today in which the company proclaimed that their tampon "opens outward like a flower".

I'm about to get graphic, so if you're not up for a tampon discussion, stop now.

Here's the thing: commercials always show tampons opening in glasses of water. Frequently it's blue water. Now I ask you, who menstruates blue water? I don't know about you, but I sure don't.

Furthermore, not a single tampon I've ever worn has opened in any manner. They absorb, some, but they certainly don't become saturated. They come out the exact same shape they went in.

So I say, to the tampon advertisers: stop with the water. We don't bleed water. Show me a tampon that opens like a flower when submerged in syrup and Jello, and I'll pay attention. Until then, stay off my TV.

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