spicysaurus (spicysaurus) wrote,

Erm... no.

You know... I've heard a lot of Twilight fans styling themselves "nerds". I take issue with this. Twilight is one of those lowest common denominator sorts of things. I skimmed through one at the bookstore recently, and it's about the same quality as Ann Rice fanfic written by an eighth-grader. I'm not convinced it's not actually Ann Rice fanfic written by an eighth-grader, come to think of it.

At any rate, I protest that Twilight fandom does NOT count as nerdy. Princess Leia hairdo at the prom? Nerd. Fluent in Klingon? Nerd. Proud owner of an original copy of the first Superman comic, in the package and everything? Nerd. Big fan of trashy, badly-written vampire romance drivel? NOT NERD. Just adolescent.

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