March 11th, 2008


Knitting Overload!

So I'm working on my third knitting project, a hat for Justin, a friend of mine at work. I also joined Ravelry, an online knitting community.

And now I want to knit everything in the universe.

I want to finish this hat for Justin, and make a similar one for myself.

I want to make a toy owl from a pattern I make up.

I want to make a teddy bear and matching booties for my nephew who is due at the end of this month. Maybe a hat too.

I'd love to knit Ron Weasley's sweater from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban if I could find a pattern, or figure out how to do it myself (told you I'm a Potterfag).

I have an idea for a sweater I'd like to try when I'm a bit more accomplished.

I'd like to do some socks, but I have absolutely no idea what style to make.

Oh, and I have a ton of sparkly yarn that I got on sale, and I think it would make a nice set of gloves and a hat, maybe a scarf too.

This is going to take up way too much time.